The success of today's businesses has become more and more dependent on their flexibility and their ability to adapt to the ever changing world around them. Having a well-built, scalable IT infrastructure is one of the key factors that can help you achieve that flexibility and make sure that your infrastructure doesn't just support your current needs, but is ready to adapt to new requirements as they emerge.

What is the key factor in building and maintaining high quality infrastructures?
I believe that it is knowledge...
Of course you will need powerful, high quality equipment and components, but most importantly, you will need to have the knowledge to take all those parts and assemble them into a well-tuned system.

The quality of the system is just as dependent on the quality of the components, as on the quality of the engineers that built it.

This is where Layer Zero comes in...

In over twenty years of experience in the computer networking field I have accumulated skills and knowledge that I would like to put to use in helping you build your network or in training your engineers to ensure that your infrastructure is ready for the future.

Tom Lijnse
Layer Zero Training & Consultancy